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During the first year, PESCaDO produced a number of public deliverables, which illustrate the progress of the project work. The publication of second year deliverables is pending.

D1.1 Initial self-assessment plan.

D2.1 Analysis of the codification of metadata and content in environmental pages and design of the functional index repository

D4.1. Inventory of environmental ontologies and corpora from the environmental domain

D5.1 Decision support request and problem specification language

D7.1 Empirical study of the environmental information material

D8.1 Overview of the state of the art

D8.2 Roadmap for the development of the PESCaDO workbench

D8.3 Specification of the PESCaDO architecture

D8.5 Specification of Pilot Use Cases in PESCaDO

D8.6 Set up of an operational system platform

PESCaDO Coordinator:
Leo Wanner •
tel.: +34 935 422 241
PESCaDO Scientific & Technical Manager:
Ari Karppinen •
tel.:+358(0)9 192 95 453