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Case Study for the First Prototype: Health and Safety Related Decision Support

The scenario of this case study is aimed at individuals that may change their behaviour according to real-time air quality and weather information in order to reduce negative health effects or safety risks. Especially sensitive citizens need to be able to solicit decision support on whether measured or forecasted AQ- and/or weather conditions allow for determined types of activities by citizens with a determined profile. But also the healthy general public has request about safe travel and the avoiding of risks to, e.g., dangerous road conditions.

The first prototype demonstrates the feasibility of our system’s architecture and works mainly with predefined data. For the supported case, the user can select from two available profiles, either the healthy Fiona Fit or Alan Allergic, who is sensitive to alder pollen, to personalize the system’s result accordingly. For both profiles, the users are planning a hike in the Nuuksio National Park near Helsinki for the upcoming weekend and seek advice if there could be any health or safety related issues for this activity.

Initially, the users have to state the needed input, i.e. health and safety related warnings as the type of request, hiking as the planned activity, Nuuksio as the relevant geographic region, and the upcoming weekend as referenced time. For this task they can use wizards, an interactive map and a calendar widget. After reviewing and submitting the query information, a result is shown on the map in multi modal format, describing the current weather and pollen situation visually on the map and in a textual situation description and suggestion.

Case Study for the Second Prototype: Administrative Decision Support

The second prototype widens the supported activities and request types of the scenario of the first prototype and introduces the user group of municipal administration personnel. In various kinds of AQ episodes, a number of authorities from different branches of administration are involved and diverse information is required. For instance, in the case of PM or NO2 episodes, when the concentrations rise, HSY informs the Environmental Centres of the HMA cities and the institutions responsible for road and street maintenance, so they can take suitable measures. The decisions on the appropriate measures depend on a number of environmental and other types of conditions, administrative action plans, etc. PESCaDO will provide support for decision making in this scenario.

In this case study, the fictitious user Arnold Admin is checking the general AQ situation of the day. If problematic AQ measurements exist, he investigates his results deeper and potentially issues a warning to the general public. This scenario will work on air pollutants for which legal exceedance limits exist. It is of particular interest because of the different forms in which legal limits exist, e.g. not more than three measurements above the threshold within 24h. Also, the relevant data are concrete measurements and averages thereof, instead of forecasted values as in the first case study.


PESCaDO Coordinator:
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tel.: +34 935 422 241
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