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PESCaDO Project Final Event - 14th February 2013 - Barcelona

For the past three years, PESCaDO has conducted research on delivery of personalized multilingual environmental information from the web. In the context of this research, cutting edge technologies have been developed in a number of thematic areas including:

• discovery of environmental data nodes in the web

• extraction of environmental data from web pages and, in particular, from environmental images

• validation and fusion of environmental data

• decision support-oriented reasoning over semantic representations of environmental data, environmental background knowledge and user profiles and needs

• user-tailored multilingual report generation

• visualization of environmental information to users. These technologies have been integrated in a service-based architecture of an operational software platform.

This final event of the project will present the main achievements within the individual areas and demonstrate the PESCaDO platform and its components. It will also feature two invited talks by renowned experts in the area of environmental information: Dr. Werner Pillmann of the International Society for Environmental Protection, Vienna and Prof. Kostas Karatzas of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and a Round Table on the future of personalized environmental information.

Target audience

The main target groups for the event are:

• practitioners and researchers from the field of environmental information processing

• public authorities responsible for provision of environmental information to citizens

• environmental associations

• companies involved in environmental information business

• interested citizens.

If you would like to participate in the event and receive an invitation, please send an email to Sandra Szasz

Preliminary Programm preliminary programm

PESCaDO is a project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme under the contract number FP7-ICT-248594

PESCaDO Coordinator:
Leo Wanner •
tel.: +34 935 422 241
PESCaDO Scientific & Technical Manager:
Ari Karppinen •
tel.:+358(0)9 192 95 453