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TOPICS: Node Discovery - Orchestration - Ontology - Decision Support - Interaction Techniques - Information Production - Integration, Demonstration, Delivery - Assessment, Evaluation - Dissemination, Exploitation

Dissemination, Demonstration and Exploitation

The main objective is to contribute to market awareness by disseminating information on the project, its progress and results and to ensure the exploitation of the results in academia, industry, public administrations, and by end users.

The main activities focused so far on the dissemination of the information on the project, its progress and its intermediate results. One of the basic dissemination sources is the project’s webpage that you are visiting right now. It contains the description of the goals of the project, informs you about our achievements and the case studies that shall demonstrate the performance of both the individual technologies developed in PESCaDO and the PESCaDO service as a whole, and offers you the possibility to join our community. The public deliverables and the publications made available via our webpage (<link to results>) are a further indicator of the progress within the project and an important channel of dissemination.
We also made sure to involve from the beginning the main addressees of our work, namely citizens. For this purpose, several end user symposia have been organized by HSY in Helsinki, where the objectives of PESCaDO have been presented and feedback from the attendees has been collected.

Now that the first operational prototype of the PESCaDO service is in place, the Consortium will further intensify its dissemination efforts among the end users and in the community of environmental information providers. For this purpose, further presentations of PESCaDO will be organized in several European countries to the interested public and professionals. Concrete events are planned in Germany and Italy.

PESCaDO Coordinator:
Leo Wanner •
tel.: +34 935 422 241
PESCaDO Scientific & Technical Manager:
Ari Karppinen •
tel.:+358(0)9 192 95 453